Geek Pulse Hits Final Hours at $1.1M and Counting

Well, here we are in the final hours of LH Labs’ second crowd-funding campaign.

Let’s do the numbers: On a $38k goal, they’ve raised over $1.1M.


To celebrate, there’s a whole host of “perks” added to the “Desktop Awesomifier” offering (a DAC/amplifier combo for headphones), including T-Shirts, digital cables, external power supplies and way more. And since they’ve blown by all their goals, they’re gonna upgrade the living tar out of this box with all those “fancy bits” everyone was clamoring for. On the spec sheet, this thing reads like a head-fi wet dream.

If you haven’t already seen or heard about this product, I kinda feel bad because it’ll take longer to explain the history here than you have left to get in on it. And if you’ve been fence-sitting, waiting for an “official review” — you are out of luck. That’s not how a crowd-funding campaign works — this is a whole other thing. In the end, this particular outing has been driven by thousands of crazy would-be consumers, offering up their best ideas and most fervent wishes, with the LH Labs design team cherry-picking the most interesting, and wrapping all that up in a bow.

Me? I’m psyched. The product looks interesting. The team is pedigreed and I’ve heard other products in the line up — and have been more than a little impressed. Will everything come together? I’m betting “yes” — and did so with my own money. I’m in. And in a few short months, I’ll be reporting on what I ended up with. You’re very welcome to stay tuned — or, you can click over and get in on it with me.

Tick, tock.

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  1. This is a beginning of a very exciting era in audiophile product design and manufacture. Not only the final product’s shape and function depends on the desires of actual consumers, but the price they pay is extremely attractive. I got few DACs already, but I put my money in on this project anyway – just to show my appreciation for LH Labs’ initiative.

    I can’t wait for other products coming up after Geek Pulse. A music server/streamer perhaps?

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