MOG Shutdown Announced (Updated)


It seems that the options for streaming music are down a man — or will be by mid-April when the audiophile darling MOG will take its final curtain call. Beats Entertainment, which purchased MOG a couple of years ago, will attempt to migrate everyone to their Beats Music service.


I was a MOG Fan from way back. It was cool. It was (relatively) easy to figure out. It sounded good. And MOG has/had a much better library (for my tastes) than Spotify. Look, I love Pandora and their premium service sounds okay, but being able to find and learn about specific artists and explicitly explore particular albums … well, that was really cool. And then there’s that bit about using either MOG or Pandora on something other than a mobile device … well.

Anyway, I’m sorry to see MOG go. So long, old friend, and thanks for all the Phish.

[Update] Okay, given founder David Hyman’s comments in the Comments section, below, I figured I might as well sign up and worry about canceling later if I need to. You know. For science.

So, I did and it’s true — there is no desktop app. You’re going to have to make do with your mobile devices if you’re app-centric, as there’s supposedly widgets available for each of the major mobile platforms. For those of us that dare to use something other than our mobiles for musical enjoyment, well, there’s a web browser-based service.

Not that you’d know it from the way the site is laid out, but as the commenters noted, it’s in there. Somewhere. If you’re curious, try this — You’ll have to log in, of course, but that link should actually get you to the tunes. I say “should” because I’ve had quite a week this afternoon attempting to pound my way past their technical issues, glitches and bugs. Suffice it to say that the portal integration could use a bit more beta testing. I was pretty happy to finally get in after the joys of having my account deleted and re-deleted, but I think that was them “doing something” to the service. Anyway, things stabilized a little while ago and I’m now streaming Dire Straits … and it sounds okay.

The web interface feels very streamlined, and more in the “I’m cool” way instead of the “I’m useful” way. I’m hoping familiarity will help short circuit their shortcuts. There’s a lot in here to check out, including some “radio” -like features, but if David says this is the MOG library on the back-end, then I’m good to go.

$10/month gets you in and going, but there’s a free week-long trial period that I’m taking advantage of right now.

More to come.

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  1. I just hope Beats Music sounds as good as Mog but I am doubtful. Even though we are assured it will be in 320kps. The main thing is going to be the higher price, Beats Music needs to charge more because they are not making enough on their headphone line ? Right……..I feel so sorry for the billionaires out there, oh well at least if the extra cost actually goes to the artists instead,.But I doubt it.

  2. I miss MOG, too. Beats seems to have gone so far with the curated functionality that it has lost some of the “I want to listen to what I want to listen to” functionality. Sometimes I want to load up a list of songs, for example, but if there is a queue in Beats, I cannot find it. Artist only radio also seems to have been lost.

    If those two specific features came back to the app, I would be happy…

  3. I hate the branding change more than anything. Beats (by Dre) sounds like a music service for pop and hip-hop. It doesn’t have broad appeal. It also doesn’t help that the service is named after overpriced, subpar headphones; makes you feel like you would be overpaying for subpar service too.

  4. MOG was really easy for me to use, and I loved its sound quality. I hope BEATS will be eventually get to be even BETTER than MOG was… I’m embracing the change. (hope they eventually start streaming LOSLESS and HD like QUOBUZ is doing now).

  5. This thread has been very helpful. Does anyone know whether the app will be available to Logitech’s Squeezebox Server users? I would love to install it on my Squeeze Touch. I’m sure I am not alone. Scott? Ugo?

  6. Quote right from the Beats Music website: “Play on your iPhone, Android and Windows phone. Play on Sonos. Play on your computer too.”

    It is NOT necessary to have an app to stream music from your computer. It plays from your web browser.

    • Just saw that too. I’ve gone ahead and signed up … but they seem to be having technical difficulties.

  7. You can use Beats Music from your laptop, as long as you have an internet connection.

    Streaming quality will remain 320 kbps.

    • Eventually, perhaps. But there is no desktop app and AFAIK, one isn’t in the works. All development has been focused on the mobile market.

      • Why is having a desktop app important to you?

        What are the big advantages of accessing Beats via a desktop app, versus accessing Beats from the web from your laptop?

        In either case you are using your laptop and the streaming quality is no different and the features are the same, so I don’t understand why having it be a desktop app is a big deal, but apparently I am missing something.

      • I think an app might be a bit more stable than having it be an in-browser widget, but the point is, neither are available. The only way to get to Beats Music is through a mobile-device app. And I’d rather not use my iPhone as a source — or, rather, I’d rather not be limited to using my iPhone (or iPad or whatever). I mean, it’s totally fine (and better than that — it’ll be great) when I’m “on the go” as it were, but I don’t really listen to music much when I’m out and about except when I’m in my car.

  8. This is dreadful news for all of us adults. Does Spotify stream at 320kbs? How is it’s selection for jazz, compared to MOG? Does it still offer a desk top option, and what’s the price? Thanks in advance

    • Spotify does stream at 320kbps — you just need to sign up for Premium, but I think MOG had a better catalog for jazz.

      • I just started on spotify premium on the 3 months for the price of 1 trial. The radio functionality is not good and there’s some decided gaps in the catalogue. But the 320 streaming and portable device support are pretty good. I’d ideally like to see Spotify with the radio functionality of Pandora, but paying for 2 streaming services seems to be a bit silly. I guess what it boils down to is there’s just no ideal solution for a streaming service yet.

  9. MOG founder here, david hyman. honestly… the files beats music are exactly the same. sound quality is exactly the same. same functionality plus 3000 expertly curated playlists. you might not like beats because of it’s non-audiophile tendencies. i get it. but the facts are the facts.

    • Hi David — I loved MOG. Well, still do. Have no axe to grind with Beats! I just wish they had a desktop app — it’s my only complaint.

  10. This is depressing. I have MOG via the OS X desktop app and have no interest in mobile streaming. I think their catalogue of music is great and the 320 kbps service is key for me, not to mention the $4.99/month fee. Even if the MOG music catalogue is carried over and there is a desktop app, the fact that the price doubles for the same service will make me look again at the alternatives.

    • I received an email response from BM customer support saying there is a desktop app, there is 320 kbps service and the MOG library will be integrated into the new one.
      So same service, different company, twice the price.

      • I’ve been looking around and there’s some indication that there could be a desktop app … eventually. But nothing is out now and they’ve not announced anything yet.

  11. This has been discussed this on AudioKarma. And it looks like you are correct, sir. I got my official email yesterday and there was nary a mention of a desktop application.

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