MOG Shutdown Announced (Updated)


It seems that the options for streaming music are down a man — or will be by mid-April when the audiophile darling MOG will take its final curtain call. Beats Entertainment, which purchased MOG a couple of years ago, will attempt to migrate everyone to their Beats Music service.


I was a MOG Fan from way back. It was cool. It was (relatively) easy to figure out. It sounded good. And MOG has/had a much better library (for my tastes) than Spotify. Look, I love Pandora and their premium service sounds okay, but being able to find and learn about specific artists and explicitly explore particular albums … well, that was really cool. And then there’s that bit about using either MOG or Pandora on something other than a mobile device … well.

Anyway, I’m sorry to see MOG go. So long, old friend, and thanks for all the Phish.

[Update] Okay, given founder David Hyman’s comments in the Comments section, below, I figured I might as well sign up and worry about canceling later if I need to. You know. For science.

So, I did and it’s true — there is no desktop app. You’re going to have to make do with your mobile devices if you’re app-centric, as there’s supposedly widgets available for each of the major mobile platforms. For those of us that dare to use something other than our mobiles for musical enjoyment, well, there’s a web browser-based service.

Not that you’d know it from the way the site is laid out, but as the commenters noted, it’s in there. Somewhere. If you’re curious, try this — You’ll have to log in, of course, but that link should actually get you to the tunes. I say “should” because I’ve had quite a week this afternoon attempting to pound my way past their technical issues, glitches and bugs. Suffice it to say that the portal integration could use a bit more beta testing. I was pretty happy to finally get in after the joys of having my account deleted and re-deleted, but I think that was them “doing something” to the service. Anyway, things stabilized a little while ago and I’m now streaming Dire Straits … and it sounds okay.

The web interface feels very streamlined, and more in the “I’m cool” way instead of the “I’m useful” way. I’m hoping familiarity will help short circuit their shortcuts. There’s a lot in here to check out, including some “radio” -like features, but if David says this is the MOG library on the back-end, then I’m good to go.

$10/month gets you in and going, but there’s a free week-long trial period that I’m taking advantage of right now.

More to come.