Geek Pulse Round 2 Closing Soon

What’s this? Another post about the Geek Pulse? Didn’t that end a month ago?

Well, yes it did.

This, however, is a notice that the second round is about to close down. Did you miss out last month on the hottest crowd-funding event in high-end audio’s history? Well, you’re about to do it again, you slacker.

Here’s the link to the second (and probably last) Indiegogo campaign around the “desktop headphone awesomifier”. For those of you that are curious about what an “awesomifier” actually does, well, it’s a headphone amplifier and digital audio converter (DAC). Essentially, it takes your digital audio files sitting on your computer and makes them, and the headphones you’re listening to them with, sound as good as possible. Which is generally much better than what you’ve been getting out of those headphones to begin with.

Details, options, pricing and promotions are all on their campaign page. But better move your slacker behind — this one ends in a couple of days.


  1. Your kidding right? Why would you be unhappy about what Light Harmonic does or does not do? Its a separate company. LhLabs is for the cheap crowd funded stuff, Light Harmonic is the ultra high end.
    Quite frankly to be ‘unhappy’ about it just seems like petty whingers who are trying to find something to complain about.

    • No not kidding. So a different company with same owners that after crowd funding over a million bucks announced the development of an über expensive dac. For some reason did not feel right the announcement. Ok I am a whiner. Lol seem a little greedy but that’s the whiner in me.

      • I’m pretty sure these two things — the crowd-funded campaign for Geek from LH Labs, and the Sire DAC from Light Harmonic — are completely unrelated.

  2. I dont know man, the company created quite a controversy with their supper expensive DAC following the crowd funding. Lets say a lot of people are not too happy with that move.

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