Super Duper Geek Out Arrives!


Guess what showed this week? My Kickstarter Green headphone awesomifier! I ordered the 1 watt output version, so that makes this a Super-Duper Geek Out. I’m super-duper psyched. Oh, if you missed your opportunity during the crowd-sourcing campaign, you can still hop in the queue. The Super-Duper Geek Out retails for $299, and the “regular” version (450mw) is $199.

The unit is pretty small, about the size of two matchbooks and sheathed in a pretty spiffy anodized case. There are two 3.5mm headphone jacks, a hardware-based volume control that can be accessed either via the two buttons or from an OS-driven handoff, and that’s about it. LEDs across the top of the unit tell you what resolution you’re currently enjoying, and there’s a lot available — a legend stickered onto the bottom of the unit will help you decipher your settings.

Wanna know how it performs? No idea! I haven’t really tried it out yet. But if the specs are any indication, it should be a class-leader.

The Geek Out came in a simple black zippered pouch. A 6″ USB extender, called Slacker, comes with it. I’m guessing this is for those of us with port access issues. It may well prolong the life of the Geek Out, since there’s a lot less torque on the USB connector with the Geek Out dangling off the side of your computer. Whatever — I’ll be trying it both ways as a matter of course.

More soon! In the meantime, here’s some photos and my First Impressions video. 









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  1. Mine was supposed to arrive last week, but got shipped to my old address!!!! Can’t WAIT! I think I got it in blue. If its as great with my Audeze LCD-3 as I remember, it’s gonna be a FUN review! Great job here as always Mr. Hull

  2. Brilliantly nutty preview video. Especially enjoyed the out takes! 😉

  3. Looks totally cool. Bet it sounds great. Too bad I have no use for one.

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