Pono Music CEO John Hamm to present at AXPONA

You’ve probably heard of Pono by now, right? Or maybe visited (or perhaps even invested in) the Kickstarter campaign for the project that musician Neil Young (yes, that Neil Young) has been raving about for the last year or so? Well, if not, I’d like to suggest a trip out from under that rock. You know. Occasionally.

Here’s the skinny: Pono is a portable, high-resolution audio-only player aimed at recreating the experience of the original master tape, a level of quality that has eluded consumer audio since the mass abandonment of the home hi-fi some 30 years or so ago. Pointed directly at Apple and the host of services that leverage sub-par quality audio files, emphasizing convenience over sound, Pono is part music player, part audio store (think iTunes), and part lifestyle. With 15,000 backers, the player/service is on track to set records at Kickstarter and, maybe-just-perhaps, take the world by storm.

There’s been a lot of hay made in the press over what all this actually means, what the Pono Music service will actually be or do or offer, how much all that music is going to cost, and whether any of this is a good idea, a necessary idea, or a successful idea. And all of these comments and objections are very interesting, I’m sure. Which is why all of those questions and more would be great things to bring with you to AXPONA in April, to put to Pono Music CEO John Hamm, who will be giving a presentation on Pono on Friday evening, April 25th at the AXPONA Show. More details will be forthcoming shortly, but this is looking more and more like it’ll be a hot show. Still on the fence? Well, there’s more:

  • Hundreds of dedicated listening rooms and table displays featuring the world’s finest audio equipment

  • Ear Gear Expo (EGX)

  • Audiophile Marketplace featuring thousands of LPs, CDs and supporting accessories

  • Silent Disco Powered by Sennheiser

  • Exclusive Live Auction presented by Audiogon

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  1. This is a great example of the quality of the new AXPONA team. The ability to make education and entertainment the major component of this show is a real goal. Don’t miss this fantastic event.
    This important new technology will now be explained in full directly by the CEO.
    Great work all, Steve Davis

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