Latest Crowd Funding Project From LH Labs: Geek Wave


Got your trunks and your longboard? It looks like we’re in for another crowd funding ride. LH Labs, the guys that brought us the kick-ass Geek Out “Headphone Awesomifier” and the forthcoming Geek Pulse (the desktop version) have a brand new toy — a mobile device kickassifier they’re calling the Geek Wave. It’ll charge your phone, provide extra music storage, and with the same digital-to-analog technology in the other products, it can play anything you throw at it. For those keeping track, this last bit pretty much targets Neil Young’s much ballyhooed Pono spot on.

Prices start at $399.

Given the way these have gone, let me make a recommendation. If this is at all interesting, do not wait on this one. The early bird will get the steal deal.

Honestly? I think might be the best answer to portable audio — or at least that I’ve yet seen. I mean, for reals — I already have a smartphone and I ain’t givin’ it up. Make that work better and we can have ourselves a serious conversation. Hook me up! I’m ready.

Here’s the link to the Indiegogo Campaign!

Geek-Wave-w-iPhone-2 Geek-Wave-w-iPhone-1


  1. What are the dimensions for the wave? In particular, how thick will it be in the leather case with my iPhone 5s? Width and height would be nice too. I’d like to make a mock up and see how it will fit in my pocket. Will the leather case hold a couple of credit cards? Maybe I can get rid of my wallet.

  2. Banana- The GeekWave will have storage. So you can put hi-res files on it and then use your iPhone to play them. In this setup, the iPhone is just a controller for the GeekWave.

    • Yes. Geek Wave is a new kind of hybrid device. It could playback from its internal storage, also get the signal from smart device. That should provide the best balance between quality and convenience.


      • IOS7 only changed that If people use the CCK (Camera Connection Kit) to external Dac/Amp or DAC (like the International+ or Hifi-m8 via USB-B port to name a couple) Then the Hi-res files 24/48, 24/96 etc work, i.e. play back natively.

        If going by 30pin or lightning connector it is still stuck at 16/48.

        Many of these DAC/Amps advertise as having hi-res capabilities whilst displaying a hand held idevice in their advertising, when in fact the hi-res only functions natively via computer, CCK and android device etc.

        If I play a Hi-res file on my phone via Flacplayer app or Onkyo HF app of 24/96 for example it shows as 16/48, via lightning with idevice Apple certified dac amps (fostex/hifi-m8/sony pha1 and 2, AK10, cypher labs) 16/48.

        If i use a computer or the CCK it comes back as 24/96.

        It is confusing to be sure. They post the max of what the DAC/product are capable of, but do not tell the details of which each device is actually ultimately actually able to do.

        Theres a great post of cypher labs blog regarding bitrate.


  3. Yessss, goodbye fiio x3, man every time I am satisfied with something, the something better comes along. Welcome to the hobby Lol

  4. I don’t like Pono-bashing part. Hope they just remove it before the whole project goes live.

  5. Are you on their payroll SH? Kinda getting weary of your undying devotion and near constant endorsement of EVERYTHING these guys do! WTF?!?

    • I know. I got a bit wrapped around the axle there. But they keep doing interesting stuff. It’s not my fault!

    • Hi, Wes

      We really appreciate Scott’s passion for our products and campaigns. But we also could see his passion to a lot good products in this industry too. Instead of discouraging him by WTF, I would like to say, this industry need more Scott.

      And, I could confirm here. He is definitely not on our payroll.

      Larry Ho/ Light Harmonic

    • If you are kinda weary kinda leave. You’re not owed anything. Not even a paid subscription.

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