Latest Crowd Funding Project From LH Labs: Geek Wave


Got your trunks and your longboard? It looks like we’re in for another crowd funding ride. LH Labs, the guys that brought us the kick-ass Geek Out “Headphone Awesomifier” and the forthcoming Geek Pulse (the desktop version) have a brand new toy — a mobile device kickassifier they’re calling the Geek Wave. It’ll charge your phone, provide extra music storage, and with the same digital-to-analog technology in the other products, it can play anything you throw at it. For those keeping track, this last bit pretty much targets Neil Young’s much ballyhooed Pono spot on.

Prices start at $399.

Given the way these have gone, let me make a recommendation. If this is at all interesting, do not wait on this one. The early bird will get the steal deal.

Honestly? I think might be the best answer to portable audio — or at least that I’ve yet seen. I mean, for reals — I already have a smartphone and I ain’t givin’ it up. Make that work better and we can have ourselves a serious conversation. Hook me up! I’m ready.

Here’s the link to the Indiegogo Campaign!

Geek-Wave-w-iPhone-2 Geek-Wave-w-iPhone-1