AXPONA 2014 Opens on Friday

I’m heading out to AXPONA this Thursday. Robert Harley, the Editor of The Absolute Sound has asked me to forge his signature for his book signing while he makes his directorial debut for a new Masterpiece Mystery episode being filmed at the hotel. I had suggested that I might be more interesting in front of the camera, but he was firm — my handwriting is far more legible than his. Ah, penmanship. It’s a dying art.

Special, breaking news — your truly will be moderating a headphone panel on Sunday morning. Chris Martens from TAS and HiFi+, JH Audio‘s “Touring Monitor Engineer” Kevin Glendinning, and Sennheiser Product Specialist Scott Houston will be joining me for an hour dedicated to headphones, “What is the Right Headphone for You? – A Discussion in Personal Audio.” Note to all prospective attendees: I will be giving away approximately $10,000 worth of headphones throughout the discussion, so make sure to come and stuff the room for what will most assuredly be a very entertaining time. 

As for the show itself, I feel compelled to note that last year was a blast! The show team is also keeping tabs on all the new stuff, too. There will be new product intros from VPI, Esoteric, Snake River, Benchmark, Channel D Software and more.

So, if you haven’t already registered, well, might want to get a leg on.


  1. Hi there,

    Please do a thorough cover of Benchmark’s new AHB2 Amp and SMS1 speakers. Being the only manufacturer – except for Mola Mola – to have acheived an Amp that delivers High-Resolution audio intact to the speakers, they damn deserve to be well covered, and so do their quite interesting new speakers. Too bad I won’t be able to attend myself. Have a(nother) blast!


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