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AXPONA 2014: Acoustic Zen and Triode Corp make with the delicious

KEF R Series

CT6A6225 Robert Lee was not happy with the system's sound on Friday. Everything just felt a little off. And by a "little off", I mean you'd need an oscilloscope to have any idea what he was talking about. But hey, he's the perfectionist and I'm just a keyboard jockey. All I can say is that when you start with great ingredients, the resulting meal is a lot easier to get right. Take the Crescendo, for example. Already a great speaker and one of my favorite recommendations in its price class, I wasn't surprised to see the middle-of-the-range floor stander here, as Acoustic Zen has been showing with it at the last half-dozen or more shows. Was Robert's sly wink trying to say that I was missing something? At my clueless look, he filled me in -- yes, the Crescendo has undergone an invisible upgrade. Now $18,000/pair, the cabinets are actually all-new, with a much more robust internal structure. Lower distortion and greater musicality is the result. 

Shown here with Triode Corp‘s beautifully made electronics, featuring the monstrous $22,500/pair TRX-M845SE mono blocks. 50wpc from single-ended triodes is just sick. Each one of these guys weighs 125lbs! And I thought my amp was heavy. Oh, myyy.

Robert’s rooms are always a happy retreat. Great sound quality isn’t magic, but it’s really hard to remember that, wrapped up in this kind of sound. Love, love, I’m in love




KEF R Series
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3 Comments on AXPONA 2014: Acoustic Zen and Triode Corp make with the delicious

  1. Don’t know what it sounds like but those speakers are beautiful. I could do without another woefully distorted SET amp however.

  2. DitkasHair // April 28, 2014 at 1:20 PM //

    Room was too small for this setup, which was really too bad….I found the Tyler speaker room next door was a better match for that size room.

  3. I’d love to hear a comparison of Triode’s TRX-M845SE monos and David Berning’s new 845 OTL monos. The Crescendo speakers and Triode Corp 845s look like a perfect match, wish I was in Chicago.

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