AXPONA 2014: King Sound Headphones


Roger DuNaier of Performance Devices, the US distributor for King Sound, was all too happy to model the sleek new H3 headphones. Electrostats in the headphone arena have been completely dominated by legendary Stax lineup, but I have to say, King Sound’s entry here is not only welcome, it’s absolutely glorious.

The H3 can be purchased one of two ways — with a solid state amplifier for $1250 and with an OTL amplifier for $2150. My recommendation? Take the solid-state amp. I know, heresy. But if you like your headphones to have a firm grip on your bottom end (ahem), then this is the pairing to shoot for. The H3 is an ESL, so cue up the freaky holography into the mids are there. Detail? Oh yes. Tons of air and all that audiophile rigamarole. But here’s the thing — you’re gonna forget you’re wearing them. Oh so comfy! Super light, they seem to just vanish into my luscious locks — and they may even be more comfortable than my aging Stax 404 pair (which is saying quite a lot)! Even with that aside, these H3 are a lot better looking.

And that sound is just fantastic. Total package, for just over a grand — just add a DAC and you’re set. Of course, you’ll have to choose silver with red or black with gold, but hey, I can’t solve all your problems for you.

I asked Roger for a review sample. More pics after the fold.





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