AXPONA 2014: Focal has Spirit


Honestly, Focal is one of those brands that doesn’t really need the coverage by those of us in the un-mainline “press”. But I’ve been exploring the world of consumer headphones lately, here they were at AXPONA, I had a few minutes ….

I’m glad I sat down! The Focal line of headphones is a very definitely targeted at a “certain brand” currently dominating the headphone market. As an owner of a pair of ‘phones from that brand, I have a little experience with them. Positive experience, actually. For what they are, they’re surprisingly decent. Now, for the same money, Focal headphones offer a variety of sonic approaches that mirror those other cans. And then there is the Focal Spirit Pro.

$349 will get you a pair from Amazon. Well, eventually. They’re backordered. I’m told that they’ve been backordered for a good long while now. Why the backlog? Because they’re awesome, that’s why.

They’re light. Like feather-light. They’re comfy, over-ear, closed-back cans, and the frequency response “just happens” to be very open and linear. So much so, that it’s not even close to that other pair of cans I have from that other brand. Ahem. Bonus round material — they’re “ruggedized”. The “Pro” moniker refers to the DJ market they’re targeting, so the case work is finger-print resistant and scratch-and-dent resistant, too. I think the black-on-black look is quite elegant, actually, even if it does lack some of the bling from the other two entries in the Focal Spirit lineup.

Anyway, this headphone was an unexpected surprise. I may have to check these guys out — but you don’t have to wait on the review. John Grandberg already has that covered, here at Part-Time Audiophile.



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