AXPONA 2014: Hulk meets Tyler Acoustics and goes Rogue


Tyler Acoustics had a Big Green Monster on display here at AXPONA, and I’m pretty sure that color is a first for me at an audio show. I’m not going to be able to refrain from making references to the Marvel Universe, so apologies in advance.

Seriously — this was like the Avengers all over again. Tight and yellow (minus the red), and some ginormous green muscle, with a bit of silver thrown in … so, maybe more War Machine than straight up Iron Man … whatever. I was totally ready for somebody to cue up some AC/DC. “For those about to rock …”

On deck and totally hulked-out were the Insights. $5,500/pair gets the four-box Eminence-driver bearing, 95dB sensitive, 4Ω loudspeakers shipped directly to your door. They’re paired here with the very capable Rogue Audio Cronus Magnum. Benchmark, Olive and an iPod were there for digital, and a Rogue Audio phono pre was ready in case someone was manly enough to wander close to the turntable.



A pair of smaller stand-mount ($3,800/pair) H4 loudspeakers bracketed the Insights, bearing some very upscale Scanspeak drivers, but I didn’t get to hear those. I think the crowd was overawed with the Big Guy, honestly, and we were all a little frightened about how a reach-around might be taken amiss. Ahem.

The sound here was warm and deep, with all the big-speaker sound I’ve ever asked for. If you don’t know what I mean, then I’m honestly going to have a hard time explaining it. There’s this “thing” that a truly behemoth loudspeaker can do that just doesn’t seem possible with anything smaller than a … err … Hulk. Yeah, anyway. The point is that I was immediately (and very happily) struck by that sense of physical presence here.

Sure, there are other speakers that are more detailed, but after even a few minutes, $5,500 was really not sounding all that expensive. Nice trick, that. The sound was totally room filling and showed some very impressive dynamics. Ty does great rock speakers, and if that smart-ass Tony Stark were ever to kit out Bruce Banner’s lab for him, then I think I’ve got a solid recommendation right here.





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  1. You’re right, this was a great sounding room…and the best part is He wasn’t afraid to play the disc I brought with me, something out of the ordinary for me as most refuse too. He was very happy he did as it was the B&W Audiophile CD from years past.

  2. Scott, your images are insanely good, especially for non-studio conditions. When people see you at shows they’ll know the reason for that redwood-giant sequoia sized light tree atop your camera. Great job! We can taste the green in those images!

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