AXPONA 2014: Spatial has got your skinny


Clayton Shaw’s newest project, Spatial Audio, is about to start shipping their newest loudspeakers, the Hologram M2. Prices start at $1,995/pair for the standard model; $2,495 will land you the “Turbo” version that sports an upgraded crossover network. And yes, I said “crossover” and “Clayton Shaw” in the same paragraph — unlike some of his other work at Emerald Physics, these speakers are completely passive.

They’re also rather tidy. The super-clean appearance of two black disks set in a white free-standing board (these are open-baffle, so there’s no box whatsoever) is pretty much all you get from the front, and from the side, there ain’t much more. Specs on them are fairly modest: 48Hz-20kHz, 4Ω, 100dB. There are two drivers per side; one is a 12″ mid/woofer and the other is a compression tweeter, with a crossover at 800Hz. The two-way is a controlled-directivity design, so interactions are made to be minimal and the open baffle bass falls in line there.

As to the sound … well. This is one of those moments when you’re forced to scratch your head and wonder aloud, with a giant WTF bubble over your head, as to why all those other rooms were having such trouble. Here, the presentation felt accurate, linear, and remarkably open. No bloom or boom. Sitting in the sweet spot, I heard nothing out of place or out of character. I’m certain I’d opt for the Turbo, myself, and I’m quite sure there’s even more room for a Twin Turbo version, with even more mo’ betta parts. But here’s the kicker — that price is not irrelevant. $2k? Seriously? It’s like wandering into a Bang and Olufsen showroom and being told that they just decided to take a zero off the end of the price because Reasons. Your only valid response is to say, “Rock On.” And if that was a little opaque, let me make this clear — this was a very convincing demo. Yowza. Me likey.

If you’re down with the Mod Squad look, pick up the phone in May. There’s a 45 day in-home buy-and-try offer with these, and a crazy 20-year warranty being offered.

Red Dragon M500 monoblock amplifiers and a Prism DAC rounded out the package.








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  1. I have to say these are the best speakers under $5k. The music was involving, holographic, and fast. I will have to order a pair

  2. There’re DEFINITELY 3 drivers in each speaker – a coaxial (tweeter/mid) and woofer.

  3. This room was PACKED every time I walked by and never did get a chance to listen to these….my loss.

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