AXPONA 2014: JH Audio and allure of in-ear monitors


Another of my panelists on Sunday’s “What Headphone is Right For You?”, Kevin Glendinning from JH Audio was here at the Ear Gear Expo, chatting up the crowd on the JH Audio lineup, including those new custom in-ear monitor flagships, the Roxannes.

I think it’s fair to say that JH Audio got its start working audio for performers — emphasis on the “monitor” part of the equation in “in-ear monitor”. Good monitors let the performer hear exactly what’s happening at the mixing board, that is, let them hear (and react to) what the audience is hearing. Great monitors are more than that — and I’ve been happily exploring the flagship models in this segment as the ultimate in portable audio playback. 

Case in point is the $1,599/set Roxanne from their “Sirens Series” of products. What’s so cool? Well, the Roxies are a twelve-driver-per-side design. Twelve. Twelve. There are four quad-armature “arrays” in each earpiece, which makes for one wickedly complicated device. I was lucky enough to get a pair made for me, so I’ll have more to say on these soon, but here’s a spoiler — I am amazed at how good these sound.

I was clued in to this entire segment late last year, mainly due to the enthusiasm that Head-Fi’ers have shown for this brand. From the $399 dual driver JH5 to the famously neutral reference-caliber JH-13 Pro at $1,099 and the full-range JH16 Pro at $1,149, JH Audio has been quietly redefining the look and sound that is available in this segment — and audiophiles have started paying attention. Well, am paying attention. And now you are, too.

Anyway, if you’re looking for an in-ear product that can handily compete with top-shelf headphones (and not completely fubar your coiffure while doing so — don’t look at me like that, that’s important!), chances are you’ve already heard of JH Audio. But if not, check it.


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