AXPONA 2014: DeVore Fidelity and Resolution Audio


John DeVore has been working on his Gibbon X loudspeakers for several years now, but he thinks the end is in sight — with luck, the new monkeys will get the final tuning and tweaking this year and be ready for ordering. It can’t happen too soon — these speakers were great at CES in 2013, better still at CES in 2014, and if they get any better than this, we’re all in trouble.

AXPONA saw time on both the Gibbon X and the Orangutan O/96 loudspeakers from DeVore Fidelity, the latter of which happens to be my current reference. Yeah, I still love ’em, just in case you were wondering.

I’ve never seen them paired with electronics from Resolution Audio. You may not have heard much from Resolution Audio lately, but if you’ve ever seen them, you’ll not forget them — they’re the ones with the top plates that look like rain on water. Or like something someone took a ball peen hammer to. It’s luscious and not touching it is pretty much impossible. 

My time in-room was spent listening to tunes from the Cantata Music Server/DAC and the Cantata C50 integrated amplifier. I usually listen to my Orangutans with tubes, so it was interesting to see what a solid-state amp brings to the table (bass control, mainly). The room was a bit challenging (totally “live” up top), but the sound here was very familiar and enjoyable.






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  1. I’ve been listening almost exclusively to the O/93s since they arrived, then last night I put The Nines back in the system: Damn! I forgot how great they sound. Reviewing is tough work….!

  2. I have DeVore’s O/93s in for review at The difference between the O/93s and my own DeVore The Nines is quite interesting….

  3. I visited this room several times. The sound was enjoyable. The equipment was relatively inexpensive, yet among the top performers at the show. A couple of the megabuck systems were better, but at many times the prices and required the use of equipment that dominate the room. A Devore system with a Box Furniture equipment rack and appropriate amp/source fits in well in any room.

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