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AXPONA 2014: Audioengine destroys your desktop

CT6A6414 There's an adage about small things and good packages. Hell, it's a truism. And here's another: high quality audio doesn't have to break the bank, even if it totally consumes your desktop. Audioengine has pretty much dominated the desktop market as long as I've been paying attention, and they've done it with a couple of straightforward approaches. One, don't suck. Two, be affordable. Guess what? Works like a charm. The distressingly healthy Morgan and Brett were on hand to show off the $399/pair A5+ powered loudspeakers and their more diminutive and recently updated $249/pair A2+. Their A2+ is an upgrade on their best seller, and the upgrade makes it an inclusive package -- that USB connection on the back is actually an input to the integrated DAC. They're powered already, so all you need is that laptop and you're done.  

The main gap with such small loudspeaker is bass, of course, so naturally there’s a sub — in this case, a $349 one that can slip below your desk for that last bit of oomph.

Audioengine has a few digital products, too. The D1 is their entry-level product, a $169 USB DAC/headphone DAC with analog outputs. The $499 D2 is a two-piece wireless bridge product, which can connect your speakers with your desktop system, without having to haul your desktop system over to your loudspeakers. The $189 D3 is the USB thumb-drive sized dongle DAC, capable of 24bit/96kHz output to your directly-connected headphones.

Brett let slip that Bluetooth is on the near horizon, but given their wireless products already on the market, I’m guessing something new is in the offing. Ditto another, larger, speaker — no word yet on details, but I’m betting this one has a disco ball and laser running lights. Okay, maybe not the disco ball. But given how awesome the A5+ are sitting next to my big (old) MacPro, I’m going to be watching like a hawk.

Desktop, high quality, affordable. Good on ya, Audioengine.





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3 Comments on AXPONA 2014: Audioengine destroys your desktop

  1. I’ve had my A2’s for two years. Still boomin’ out my edited adventure video’s audio with awesome sound. Thanks Audioengine!

  2. What a great, quality product with a sound that
    doesn’t quit. Keep up the good work audioengine!

  3. The Audioengines are nice powered speakers. They are, however, not the only choice in this price range. For example, the Yorkville Sound YSM5 and the associated YSM10 sub is in the same price range ($180 each for the YSM5 and $360 for the YSM10 sub)

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