AXPONA 2014: YG, Audionet and Kronos


I swung through this room just before breakdown, so I didn’t get to hear the new $42k/pair YG Acoustics Hailey loudspeakers.

Those lucky enough to catch the action would have seen and heard a full collection of Audionet equipment driving them, including the $20k DNP digital network preamplifier, $20k PAM G2 phono preamp, and $18k/pair AMP mono blocks. Kubala-Sonsa Elation cables were used throughout.

The new $21,500 Sparta turntable from Kronos Audio sat nearby, with their distinctive, mesmerizing and lust-inducing counter-rotating platters. An Airtight PC-1 cartridge was mounted on a $6,500 Helena tonearm.





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  1. Yoav Geva and Dick Diamond of YG Acoustics are two of the friendliest and most unassuming people you’ll ever meet among manufacturers of this stature or any other. It’s rare and refreshing to know such down to earth people making products of this caliber. They are both likable and approachable, and I can’t more highly recommend meeting them and confirming it for yourself. When spotting their room at shows, I always make a point to say “Hello” and visit.

    Oh, and it doesn’t hurt that such great personalities go with some of the best loudspeakers money can buy!

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