AXPONA 2014: Sonist Returns


As you may or may not know, Sonist founder Randy Bankert passed away a bit over a year ago. Given that Randy was a one-man show, this was terrible news for lovers of his work. The all-wood ribbon-tweeter high-sensitivty loudspeakers were something of a legend among those of us interested in low-power amplifiers, and with his passing, I’m sure many were feeling like a light had gone out or that maybe a wall had fallen over in audio’s high-end. Anyway, while Randy may be gone, it turns out that the Sonist brand might not be.

Jonny Wilson of Snake River Audio has agreed to carry the brand forward, under the original name, and even extend the portfolio to some of the designs that never quite made it to light. To wit: here at AXPONA we were treated to the $1,895/pair stand-mounted Recital 2 loudspeakers. Paired here with Randy’s personal pair of deHavilland 50A mono blocks, the sound was dynamic and inviting, fully lit, with a solid bass output.

This makes me very happy.

The Sonist line of speakers has been tweaked, according to Jonny — SRA wire is now being used internally. But other than such upgrades, the loudspeakers are as they were. Fun, good-looking, and sonically inviting furniture. Got your little bitty, flea-powered amps? Time to play!

Kudos to the Sonist. Nice work!