High-End 2014: One show to rule them all

By Dr. Panagiotis Karavitis

If you were to choose one audio show to visit, just one where you get to see the most of everything, which one would you go for?

Me? I would opt for the “precious”. The one that from importers to visitors and from reviewers to designers all agree, it’s the one that rules the global Hi Fi scene.

It all started back in 1982 and year after year grew out to be the most important event in the audio industry, and by a long margin.

Yes, Munich Hi End 2014 starts in 2 days and guess who will be covering it for you. Yep, that lucky chap is me! A few numbers to give you an idea of what you will be reading here on PTA in the upcoming days. 

More than 400 exhibitors from all around the world over 25.000 square meters of exhibition area, tons of weisswurst, gallons of beer and some 17.000 visitors are expected to flock in the Munich Order Center. Four days of show time are too little to report everything, so the attention will be focused on what’s new, impressive, exotic, cost-no-object or value-for-the-money and definitely on what sounds the best. After all, this is an audio show.

Did I mention the photo part? I hope Scot and the Part Time Audiophile server are ready to be flooded.

[Editor’s Note: We’re ready and looking forward to it!]