High End 2014: Kharma and Orpheus for best smelling room in Munich?

By Dr. Panagiotis Karavitis

Kharma provided excellent smell as usual in their room. Wait — excellent smell?

Seems as if the Kharma guys went beyond providing excellent sound, they lighted up some aromatic candles in and their secondary space turned “Indy chic”, which definitely has a great … karma. I think they are actually trying their best to pleasure most of our senses. Their set up was amazing to look and touch, with a finish second to none (especially considering the leather trim and automotive paint).

In pure Kharma style, amplification was built in-house (Exquisite P1000 pre and MP1000 mono power amplifiers with acrylic top plate in order to show case the gorgeous guts), while the source was a complete Orpheus Lab of Switzerland, from their Heritage line (SACD player and DSD DAC with external PSU).

Not sure if it was the incense candles or the sound but listeners on this room seemed ecstatic (probably the sound of the beryllium tweeters, carbon midrange and aluminum woofers on the Bullet Proof Laminate cabinet of the DB11-S).








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