High End 2014: Verity and Nagra, a blend of innovation and classics


By Dr. Panagiotis Karavitis

Verity Audio has reason to celebrate, their iconic speaker Parsifal recently reached 25 years and a new, improved version is on display. The “anniversary” edition features more than just a nice plate with gold letters. A redesigned cabinet that combines inhomogeneous materials, inner bracing and mechanical impedance matching while keeping the famous rear firing woofer provided remarkable bass extension while staying on a more than reasonable footprint. Considering the room dimensions and the relatively small speaker (1” tweeter, 5” mid and 8” woofer) the result was truly remarkable, a testament to the fact that the back firing woofer can and will go deeper than imagined.

All this will not have been possible without some serious electronics and Nagra Audio brought their entire arsenal of home and pro equipment including a ¼” recorder, the HD DAC converter, Jazz pre and prototype power amps and last but not least a set of digital recorders capable of hi-res up to 32bit/192KHz.






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