High End 2014: Estelon + Vitus = Extreme


By Dr. Panagiotis Karavitis

What would you expect from a speaker that goes by the name “Extreme”?

To push the limits of proven concepts to the edge? To use some of the finest materials for the construction of the cabinet? To implement exotic materials such as diamond, ceramic composite and aluminum in the driver units? A good start, no?

Still, ‘Extreme’ is a tough word to live up to. Which is probably why Estelon went all out and used Kubala Sosna internal cabling, Goertz copper foil coils and Mundorf capacitors for the cross over.

Still not enough? How about if the speaker in question changes height with the touch of a button in order to perfectly match the acoustic properties of the room and create the perfect sweet spot? What if the tweeter also adjusts its depth, too?

Obviously, speakers like these need extreme amplification. Which brings us to Hans Ole Vitus of Vitus Audio, here coming to the rescue with his new MP-S201 power amp, rated at 2 x 1,400 Watts. A behemoth if you ask me, coupled with matching MP-T201 and MP-P201 pre-amp and phono stage, which drove the Estelons with ease, providing immense macrodynamics, coherence and striking imaging during the percussion in Tchaikovsky’s Symphony Pathetique under Monteux’s direction. Spiral Groove SG 1.1 turntable with Soundsmith Hyperion cartridge and Kubala Sosna cables complete the set up.

I like exteme.

In the pictures Alfred Vassilkov, founder and chief engineer of Estelon, demonstrates the adjustable height of the Extreme (from 1.77 all the way up to 2.07 meters).