High End 2014: Who said the Hi End systems can’t rock? Enter the Sonus Faber Lilium


By Dr. Panagiotis Karavitis

Fine Sounds Group went all out with a one of a kind live performance. They brought Barbara Belloni and her group, the “Four Fried Fish”, all the way from Italy to play some rock n’ blues with a very “alternative” PA system.


Instead of the usual class D amps and professional (cheap sounding) speakers, they used nothing less than eight McIntosh amplifiers and the just introduced, exquisite, Lilium speakers. In typical Sonus Faber fashion, the new Lilium is a staggering beauty, with an amazing finish and sweet sound. The design is a 3.5 way speaker with adjustable crossover, a “lyra shaped” cabinet, and what SF calls an “infra woofer”, referring to the top-firing 10” unit mounted in the upper part of the speaker, housed in a separate chamber. Sound was very involving, especially Barbara’s deep voice.



If this was not enough, a gold plated version of the speaker was standing by. My favorite finish was the crème colored and natural wood one though.


PS: Sonus Faber brought many things bright and beautiful from Italy ….


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    • Well, if you are familiar with rock bars that have an 80.000$ pair of speakers with a couple hundred grand of amps let me know Mark 😉

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