High End 2014: Esoteric goes Grandioso with German Physiks


By Dr. Panagiotis Karavitis

Last year, Esoteric went on an all out assault of what is possible in the digital domain by introducing the Grandioso D1 monoblock DACs and P1 SACD player with external PSU and VRDS NEO mechanism. Now was the time to present the M1 mono power amplifiers (2.000.000 Yen each). Designed around an impressive 18 Kgr (approx 40 pounds) power transformer capable of 3000 VA and outputting 300 watts into 8 ohms, doubling down all the way to 1200 watts into 2, with a damping factor of 1000, these exceptional amps were paired with one of the most impressive local speaker companies, German Physiks.

The Germans brought their PQS 302 speaker system which consists of their trademark DDD omnidirectional driver in the carbon version, paired with 2×8” woofers capable of reaching down to 26 Hz (priced around 54.000euros in EU). All cables were provided by Audioquest.

The PQS series speakers are notorious for their speed and precision, so matching them with four Grandioso power amps provided ultra fast, precise and clean sound in Tchaikovsky’s violin concerto with Maxim Vengerov on the violin (Esoteric TELDEC SACD). Grandioso sound indeed!

In the last picture, the president of TEAC-Esoteric is showing his enthusiasm for the new M1 monos.






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  1. Just a shame Esoteric don’t make speakers anymore. I own a pair of MG10s and love them dearly. Apparently the magnesium cones became prohibitively expensive to manufacture (by Mitsubishi) in the relatively small batch numbers required. Also, I don’t think the conservative audiophile market were quite ready to accept the company’s branching out from electronics. A real shame, and their loss.

    • Tony, What are you saying… You are not cool with the name, I mean really, who gives a shit what they named them… How do they sound, really!!

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