High End 2014: Jarre Technologies and the AeroSkulls


By Dr. Panagiotis Karavitis

Electronic music pioneer J.M. Jarre launched his lifestyle audio line of products a couple of years back. I admit I was unaware of the Aerosystem One and Aerodream but this is what we visit big shows like the High End, to discover the unexpected.

And unexpected it is. The AeroSkull XS comes in various ABS chrome-plated colors ranging from gold to cherry-red that will pop out in any living room. The “Elvis” style sunglasses act as speakers — two 27mm drivers, powered at 4.5 watt — while the posterior part of the skull hides a small 57mm, 9 watt “subwoofer”. Connectivity is through a minijack input and via Bluetooth.

A bigger version of the AeroSkull, the HD, also exists and though slightly less portable, it will definitively manage to play louder, with a total of 80 watts RMS on tap split between two 57mm front-facing drivers and one 102mm rear-facing “sub”. An iPod dock sits on top and it also supports Bluetooth connectivity and a single minijack input.

Prices for the AeroSkulls are 229€ and 399€ respectively.

Specs are not all that as it can only handle MP3, AAC, WMA, AAC and WAV, but I doubt anyone is buying a metallic magenta skull to achieve high-end sound. That said, I can think of a lot of youngsters (and not only) who would looooove to have one.

[Editors Note: I totally want one!]




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