High End 2014: McIntosh Americana


By Dr. Panagiotis Karavitis

McIntosh Labs powered the live performance of Barbara Belloni in the Fine Sounds Group stage but created a special atmosphere in the all-McIntosh room. In the entrance, we found some classics like the 240, a black leather Chevy sofa, and an old Harley Davidson staring at a pyramid of MC601s.

In the corridor was the brand new MHA 100 headphone amplifier with emblematic blue power indicators and autoformers in the output stage, connected to a prototype headphone created in association with German specialist Beyerdynamic.

The MHA 100 is quite interesting as it packs a 32bit/192Khz DAC (on USB, optical, AES/EBU and coaxial) and will drive speakers too, with 50 watts per channel. It weighs some 15 Kgr (32Lbs) and could be the affordable McIntosh for those who value a classic brand but prefer not to break the bank.