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High End 2014: Mythology from ENIGMAcoustics

DSC02112-2 By Dr. Panagiotis Karavitis With the world's first passive electrostatic tweeter (with frequency response up to 40KHz) under their belt, next up for ENIGMAcoustics was a complete speaker. That speaker is called the Mythology M1; it's a two-way compact monitor, with a 7” woofer and a 1.5” tweeter. On top of that you can literally place the Sopranino tweeter and for a total of $15.000 stand included, you get the best sound of the show for moderately-sized speakers. The rest of the setup was Italian, made by Gold Note, and consisted of the Demidoff Diamond anniversary integrated amp with separated PSU, the gorgeous Bellagio reference turntable and Favard Anniversary CD player/DAC.

Interesting enough, David Chesky stopped by and found the sound so good that he loaded his personal collection of music samples into Marcus Solomon’s computer, the designer of ENIGMAcoustics. We gave a long listen to this setup and learned that it could easily handle all musical styles. The speakers managed to disappear from the room and gave their best with more complex passages like Coletti’s Rock n Roll, Dave Eggar’s Bach interpretation and Pink Floyd’s massive The Wall.

The room was all white and the piano black lacquer speakers are way more beautiful, not to mention exquisitely finished, than what appear on my lousy pics. Sorry folks.




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3 Comments on High End 2014: Mythology from ENIGMAcoustics

  1. I still do not understand how a super tweeter can improve the sound – Humans at best can hear frequencies up to ca. 20 kHz. I can only hear up to ca, 12-13 kHz…

  2. Gavin Hadley // May 23, 2014 at 11:24 AM //

    If I brought those things home my wife and I would be dividing up the property. To describe those speakers as being butt ugly is unfair to butts everywhere..

    • Tell us what you really think. I agree the top most image might not necessarily show the speakers in the best light. The speaker looks better in subsequent images.

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