High End 2014: Need coffee! Wilson Benesch and MiZiK Music to the rescue?


By Dr. Panagiotis Karavitis

Time was flying fast, feet were killing me and all I needed was a nice coffee. Walking through the corridors I found a self-service coffee oasis in the Wilson Benesch room. Right in the center and next to the new acquisitions of the Benesch collection, the Square Five speaker, the Endeavour and the Circle 25 Anniversary turntable and associated A.C.T. 25 tonearm, there was a row of three shiny LCD-enabled coffee machines serving … music?

No, no coffee there, that was the MiZiK triple chassis system.

The dPlay DA Pre, a multiple input DAC for use with S/PDIF and USB, then the dVin, a fully configurable phono stage and analog to digital converter with rip-ready USB functionality and last but not least the heart of the MiZiK system, the dStream which acts as network interface and SSD storage option. The show system was completed with the Audionet AMP I V2 Power amp and 47 Labs Flatfish CD Transport while cables were Nordost Frey series.

To make it simple, the MiZiK, priced at $2000 per piece, will help you not only play your favorite records but also transfer them in digital files. Though I had no time for a demo ripping, the concept is very interesting, not to mention rather chic.

Pity they did not have any coffee.








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    • Actually very good, with a narrow but well defined sweet spot. Bass extension was nice, especially for the size and for what it counts, looks are very chic too.

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