High End 2014: Technical Audio Devices shows how it’s done


By Dr. Panagiotis Karavitis

TAD brought the complete series of products and in the big F130 room gave a spectacular presentation, hosted by chief designer Andrew Jones. On two different sessions we managed to hear the Compact Reference and the big Reference One speakers with the same electronics (D600 CD player and DA1000 DAC, C600 pre-amp, M600 mono power amps).

Before going back to the system I would like to say two words about Mr. Jones. He spent the entire show personally responding to all possible questions, selecting tracks from his iPad and entertaining guests in the TAD room. His jokes between the tracks made the audience feel like home, except for the sound as there are very few living rooms that have such a terrific sound.

Yes, the sound of the TAD’s was easily among the top 5 of the show and though this is a pricey system, it will not come even close to the uber-pricey ones. And if you think it’s the Reference One I am referring to, think again as what amazed me the most was the CR which managed to fill all that space with ease. Actually there is not much more one could ask from a system. Coherence, clarity, speed, dynamics and most of all that sense of fatigue-less reproduction with all music genres. Another Jones, Tom and not Andrew sang “Dimming of the Day” so I guess beautiful music comes with the last name?

Naturally the bigger speakers gave a complete meaning to the words full range but I would happily take the Compact Reference speakers back with me.





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  1. Andrew is always entertaining,and his speakers are top flight, getting great sound even at shows.

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