High End 2014: Italian style at its best? Meet The Vario’s


By Dr. Panagiotis Karavitis

The most eccentric speakers of the show? The funniest? The ugliest maybe? Meet Angelo, Vincent, Lola and Roy.

When it comes to design and aesthetics, my moto is de gustibus non est disputandum, and Italian-designed The Vario’s truly exploits the limits of what can be considered good-looking and what not.

Built quality of these unique designs is nowhere close at being funny. Massive layers of CNC machined plywood, air core coils in the crossover and drivers by Morel, Vifa and Tangband.

During the show the fresh from the factory Hanzo model was coupled to Meridian’s surround controller and cd player. Audiophile classic “Set You Free” from Sarah K. (Stockfisch vol. 2) sounded very clean with vibrant strokes on the guitar.

Sounds like a real speaker but I doubt that those interested in buying such creations will judge them mostly for their musical qualities.