Newport 2014: Audeze sets Fazors to stunning

Audeze’s Tara Bouillet and the new LCD-3

Audeze has a damn fine reputation for making some of the best-sounding headphones in the world. They have a brand, and have been featured in Forbes, on Bloomberg and more, and for good reason — they offer pretty much the complete package when it comes to personal audio awesomeness.

What’s new at Audeze? Fazor. Tyll Herstens has a lot to say about this tech and what it means for the Audeze lineup, so I’ll leave off there, except to offer this bit — prior to the Fazor rollout to the rest of the Audeze line, my favorite headphone from Audeze by far was the LCD-X.

Yes, I know, “what about the LCD-3?” I didn’t hate it or anything, I just vastly preferred the more open sound of the LCD-X. That’s the whole “taste thing” again. But now, with Fazor, I’m flipped all around. This new Fazoring is just delicious

My biggest complaint about Audeze generally, other than the whole Princess Leia chic, is the weight of these headphones. Obviously, there’s an upside in both build quality and overall structural rigidity, but the LCD lineup is by no means light. Their bulk makes them difficult to wear long-term (you’re unlikely to forget they’re there), and they’re not particularly easy to cart around.

Watch out for flying tissue boxes, whiner. Boo hoo. Because awesome has weight, bitches. Feel the awesome! Feel it! Feel it!

Yeah, size aside (or perhaps even because of it?), these new updates sounded incredible. I’ve asked for a review sample, so with luck we’ll be able to dig into the what’s-what.

Audeze has been a must-stop at most headphone-oriented meets and shows for some time, but if you haven’t heard the new-new, I’d get the lead out and get your head into a new set. Already got yourself a pair? Audeze is apparently offering an upgrade path.

Last thing is a teaser — given the tantalizing rumors I’ve heard, Audeze is very likely to keep their brand moving, growing and innovating. And that’s exciting.

Kudos to the team — I look forward to seeing and hearing a lot more from these folks in the future.