Newport 2014: Off to the races


hiresnewportlogoforwebDon’t they all look so happy?

Our esteemed publisher and editor told a long story about how his travel plans went awry. He made it seem like he had some intention of covering the opening of the show. He’s just lying to you. He never meant to come to the show opening. He’s a dirty, evil man who always intended to miss the ribbon cutting.


Worse yet, he always intended for me to be there carrying my camera and my hangover. Let me tell you folks that a bunch of smiling people waving giant scissors around is *emphatically not* the sight you want to see before your first cup of decent coffee.


Fortunately, Dr. David Robinson of Positive Feedback had prepared for this. His room on the seventh floor had imported a custom roast, proper equipment, and skilled barrista from Ristretto Roasters in Portland. Any lingering pain was short circuited by a fresh cup of DSD Blend (seriously!) and Dr. David’s hospitality.

You’ll notice that William Artope Jr. was present to rip out an opening fanfare (and punish those of us who indulged in cocktails the previous night). This might actually have been fun if the Hilton’s coffee hadn’t been brewed from second-hand sweatsocks.

That hospitality extended to offering up some samples of Double and Quad DSD transfers from 15ips reel-to-reel tapes. The music was unfamiliar, but the back-to-back demo really showcased just how big a jump those giant file sizes will buy you. Quad DSD actually sounded almost natural. It certainly didn’t bother me while I was drinking my coffee.


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