Newport 2014: Spatial makes big sound with small speakers


hiresnewportlogoforwebClayton Shaw is back with a new model from the re-named and re-branded Spatial Audio.

Last year’s model was one of the standout budget offerings at Newport. This new model, though, brings aesthetics and dynamics more reminiscent of Clayton’s early efforts with Emerald Physics.

The Hologram M2 ($1995/pair) features a 12″ coaxial driver on top and a 12″ woofer on the bottom. Your two grand buys you 100db efficiency, bass down into the 40s, an easy, 4ohm load, and the non-trivial benefits of dipole bass. Those benefits are serious. This was one of the few Hilton rooms I heard that managed to escape the Room-Boom nightmare.

The Holograms were fed music from a Prism Sound Lyra and powered by a couple of Red Dragon Audio monoblocks for a total system cost that hovered just around six kilobucks.


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