Newport 2014: Analysis and Arion

Featuring both a planar panel and a ribbon tweeter running the length of the speaker, the Analysis Audio Epsilon loudspeakers ($16,000) gave this room a hefty dose of expansive sound. These speakers offer treble precision and impact that many other planar speakers would struggle to match.

The Analysis planars were mated with Arion Audio‘s HS-500 monoblock amps ($6,295), which make use of a hybrid design, pairing vacuum tubes with a Class-D output stage.

During the brief time I was able to listen, I was left with the impression that the tubes help mitigate some of the Class-D sound signature. Preamplification was provided by the prototype LS-100 dual mono preamp ($4,000), which also utilize a similar hybrid vacuum tube/solid state technology.

The amps nestled comfortably on Pon-Tunes vibration control devices ($179 per set). Chang Lightspeed provided power filtration ($3,850), and the cables were from JPS Labs‘ Aluminata line.

If memory serves, while I was in the room, I was listening to an EMM Labs CD/SACD player, but analog from VPI‘s Classic 3 with a SoundSmith Strain Gauge was also available.

The whole shabang was just fantastic on voices: the speed, resolution, and vocal texture were superb. This was room-filling sound, and a real pleasure.

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