Newport 2014: Aluminous takes a bow


hiresnewportlogoforwebFormer Stereophile troubadour and pitchman to the stars, Jonathan Scull, showed up to manage the unveiling of newcomer Aluminous Audio. Aluminous is a Pacific Northwest company that has followed in the footsteps of Magico and and Audio Machina by producing handsome speakers milled from aluminum.

Shown here with an Oppo source and a reasonable-by-hifi-standards Rogue integrated, the the diminutive, sealed-box Aluminous AL13.02 monitor ($15,000 per pair) handled the home-theater sound duties above 100hz and rolled off to two SU13.01 subwoofers ($5,000 each) located in the room’s left corners.

The profoundly dead cabinets presented First Aid Kit’s “Ghost Town” with impressive intelligibility, but the subwoofers’ Chuck Norris-like choke hold on the Hilton’s room made it close to impossible to get any real sense of how the system as a whole would integrate in more reasonable circumstances.



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