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LH Labs and the new Geek Source

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If you're like me, you probably missed the news that came through late last night. LH Labs has announced their newest creation, the Geek Source, via a crowd-funding campaign. The wrinkle? This campaign has been underway for the last month, under the name "Wave". There's a reason for using this as the path to market, naturally: the Geek Source is billed as a "natural partner" to their forthcoming digital audio player. Specifically, with several terabytes of off-player storage, the Geek Source can stream that content directly to your player via wireless, through their special-sauce "zero transmission jitter" Wi-Fi system.

In typical fashion, the LH Labs team has a few handy graphics to walk through the particulars.

The bad news is that the Geek Source, which was offered in a limited set of 100 at the opening price of $699, is no longer available. All introductory units were snatched up long before I woke up this morning.

The somewhat good news is that you can still get one for $799 (retail price is targeted at $1,299). Want more storage? You can double the onboard drive space to 4TB for an additional $159.

Included in the announcement was the hint that there will be a significantly up-scale version of the Geek Source coming, called Da Vinci Source (MSRP $12,999). No information yet on that upcoming product.

The Indiegogo campaign, which is currently counting down from 14 days, has completely blown past their funding targets and now at something north of $650k. Impressive stuff.

KEF R Series
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  1. This guys are killing me with so many great products (I hope so) at reasonable prices. I wish I had more money to buy them all. Lol the source specs look impressive, these guys are fearless. I am still waiting on the Olive One player I ordered last year and probably won’t be half as good. Keep the great coverage

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