LH Labs and the new Geek Source

If you’re like me, you probably missed the news that came through late last night. LH Labs has announced their newest creation, the Geek Source, via a crowd-funding campaign. The wrinkle? This campaign has been underway for the last month, under the name “Wave”.

There’s a reason for using this as the path to market, naturally: the Geek Source is billed as a “natural partner” to their forthcoming digital audio player. Specifically, with several terabytes of off-player storage, the Geek Source can stream that content directly to your player via wireless, through their special-sauce “zero transmission jitter” Wi-Fi system.

In typical fashion, the LH Labs team has a few handy graphics to walk through the particulars.

The bad news is that the Geek Source, which was offered in a limited set of 100 at the opening price of $699, is no longer available. All introductory units were snatched up long before I woke up this morning.

The somewhat good news is that you can still get one for $799 (retail price is targeted at $1,299). Want more storage? You can double the onboard drive space to 4TB for an additional $159.

Included in the announcement was the hint that there will be a significantly up-scale version of the Geek Source coming, called Da Vinci Source (MSRP $12,999). No information yet on that upcoming product.

The Indiegogo campaign, which is currently counting down from 14 days, has completely blown past their funding targets and now at something north of $650k. Impressive stuff.

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  1. This guys are killing me with so many great products (I hope so) at reasonable prices. I wish I had more money to buy them all. Lol the source specs look impressive, these guys are fearless. I am still waiting on the Olive One player I ordered last year and probably won’t be half as good. Keep the great coverage

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