Peachtree Audio goes wireless with deepblue2


Just over a year ago, Peachtree Audio announced their newest loudspeaker system, called “deepblue“. The name was a clever turn on the primary wireless technology in use, Bluetooth, and the fact that the unit actually was able to “do” bass. I heard the prototype — it was pretty convincing.

For reasons that remain baffling, deepblue never reached full production. Until now.

The system has been redesigned and significantly improved, says Ambassador Jon Derda; deepblue2 includes the high-bandwidth aptX codec for high-quality wireless playback right from your Bluetooth enabled devices (and will sound best with aptX-enabled sources) and also include a couple of surprises: a 6.5″ woofer and a 440 watt integrated amplifier. This combo directly addresses the primary complaint I — and probably many — have with the typically wimpy sound from wireless speaker systems.

The new design is actually a 3-way/5 driver system — in addition to the woofer, there are two 3″ midrange drivers paired with two 1″ soft-dome tweeters to round out the set. The bass response will be tunable as well, with 5 different output settings to tune the unit to whatever the implementation. An analog/RCA input and digital optical input will complete the unit’s connectivity.

The project, pretty much unsurprisingly, is being crowd-funded. Indiegogo will launch the campaign early next week. The campaign link will go live on Monday at noon is now live! More details are available over at Peachtree Audio.

The target funding level is $63,000 which shouldn’t be a problem. Initial price for the deepblue2 will start at $250 for the first 250 backers, then move to $300 for the next 500, before settling in at $350 for the remainder of the offering. MSRP is expected to be $500. Estimated delivery is November 2014.

Me? I’m getting two.


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