Peachtree Audio deepblue2, now live and crushing it at Indiegogo


Normally, I wouldn’t jump back in so quickly, but if you’re at all curious about the deepblue2 campaign currently underway over at Indiegogo, your time to jump in and snatch up some early-bird pricing is slipping away. We’re less than half an hour into the campaign, and they’re already zeroing in on their funding target.

The target funding level is $63,000 which shouldn’t be a problem. Initial price for the deepblue2 is $250 for the first 250 backers (150 already claimed), then move to $300 for the next 500, before settling in at $350 for the remainder of the offering. MSRP is expected to be $500. Estimated delivery is November 2014. More details are available over at Peachtree Audio.

Me? I ordered two. Can’t wait.

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  1. Thanks for the heads up, I ordered one for $250 which should be a screaming deal if it retails for $500. 440 watts inside this little box, should be perfect for the backyard (and whole neighborhood 🙂

  2. Which option did you order? I am also looking forward to this boy. Missed the first backer but the early backers were good enough for me too

  3. ..looks interesting but without hearing the darn thing why are you so pumped?

    • I heard the last version, and would have been happy with that. Derda says this one is better — and that’s saying quite a bit.

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