Peachtree Audio deepblue2, now live and crushing it at Indiegogo

Normally, I wouldn’t jump back in so quickly, but if you’re at all curious about the deepblue2 campaign currently underway over at Indiegogo, your time to jump in and snatch up some early-bird pricing is slipping away. We’re less than half an hour into the campaign, and they’re already zeroing in on their funding target.

The target funding level is $63,000 which shouldn’t be a problem. Initial price for the deepblue2 is $250 for the first 250 backers (150 already claimed), then move to $300 for the next 500, before settling in at $350 for the remainder of the offering. MSRP is expected to be $500. Estimated delivery is November 2014. More details are available over at Peachtree Audio.

Me? I ordered two. Can’t wait.