CanMania 2014: Clear Tune Monitors drops in with flash and style


CanManiaClear Tune Monitors is a new-to-me custom IEM company, catering primarily to the pro audio crowd. Prices range from $250-$800.

Unfortunately, I was unable to really spend any time with them as they bugged out a bit early, but I did manage to flip through their brochure and check out a couple of the displays.

The Wood Legit Series, their most expensive model at $800, is quite elegant looking. And yes, there really is wood on the back plate there, which they say “provides an extremely warm and punchy sound, is virtually indestructible and provides acutely clear sound.”


Their top of the line model, the CT-500 Elite is a five-driver, three-tube design. It uses “a passive crossover and  separates the music five ways: lows, mid-lows, mids, mid-highs, and highs providing the fullest frequency range with the most clarity.”

I can honestly say that I have had a rather limited imagination when it comes to what you can actually do with in-ear designs. I mean, really. Wood was surprising. But why not add rhinestones?

Anyway, CTM offers a blinding array of custom styles, colors and “textures” for customizing their IEMs.


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