CAS 2014: HeadMasters visit with Oppo


Dyn_CAS-logo-2Oppo was on hand to show off their PM-1 and the new PM-2 headphones.

The PM-1 ($1,099) is a lightweight planar magnetic headphone. The newer PM-2 ($699) is an even lighter-weight planar magnetic headphone. Both headphones are 102 dB sensitive, making them easier to drive and more suitable for use with mobile devices. Both feature natural latex padding and detachable 1 meter mini-jack and 3 meter stereo jack cables.

I tried both headphones, and, at least in the noisy conditions of the hotel ballroom, I couldn’t discern any appreciable difference. “So, what’s the difference?” I asked, after checking to make sure that I was indeed listening to two different headphones. I mean, the PM-1 had shiny silver bits, and the PM-2 had matte silver bits, and …

“Essentially none,” I was told.


“Well, the PM-1 has better parts. But they essentially sound the same.”

It wasn’t just my imagination, I guess.

The PM-1 features luxurious lambskin ear pads and headband, and comes with a set of velour ear pads that can be easily swapped in, allowing for fine-tuning of the sound.

The PM-1’s 6.35 mm terminated cable features Ohno Continuous Casting construction, and everything comes packed in a handsome wooden box.

PM-2 purchasers have to make do with synthetic leather for their ear pads and headband, Oxygen Free Copper constructed cables, and a fabric carrying case.

On the other hand, the PM-2 is, according to the specs, 10 grams lighter, so those who purchase the less expensive version would have the advantage in a road race, for sure.