Intermission and a tease, what could be better?

We’re going to take a short break from CAS 2014 while my outstanding field contributors collect their wits and their thoughts.

With that said, this seems an excellent time to let slip that Part-Time Audiophile will be … evolving. Soon.

In fact, very soon.

“What’s coming?” you ask?

“A new site.”

Ooh, aah ….

Part-Time Audiophile is rapidly coming up on its fifth birthday. Can you believe that? I can’t. In fact, I’m pretty sure that’s completely wrong, but the dates on the Archive are pretty convincing. Where did all that time go?

Over that time, the site has been devoting itself to many things. There are my ramblings as I explore audio’s high-end. There are all the reviews — mmm … all that deliciously tasty gear … yum. And then there are all those audio shows.

And now, it’s time to grow.

Tyll Hertsens over at InnerFidelity recently posted an article about the evolution underway over there. The reality of web-based publishing is a not a new thing for The Enthusiast Network, but those realities haven’t really impinged much on Stereophile or any of its offspring. Until now. Which is interesting for many reasons, but the primary ones being these: how do you succeed in publishing on the web vs in print? What’s different? What changes?

For me, I think it’s pretty obvious that content drives a site. New content drags in eyeballs, and the more eyeballs, the more value that the associated advertisements acquire. Cha-ching. The challenge, for a publisher, is to make a site actually worth visiting (much less worth building and maintaining), without resorting to click-bait — all while still making the site interesting and valuable to the reader and not just the advertiser. It’s a bit of a balance, really.

Anyway, in light of all this meta-talk, I thought I’d take a moment and draw back the curtain. What we’re going to do is this. Show coverage, by far the most voluminous of content here at this site, will move to its own home. With its own space to thrive and grow, that new site will be devoted to the roving audio community, audio on the road (as it were), and the careening carnival that is the modern traveling audio show circuit. With its own space to thrive and grow, that content will then not swamp all the other content coming to Part-Time Audiophile, and both can then … breathe. That’ll be nice — really nice.

I’m planning to launch in time for the Rocky Mountain Audio Fest, and I’ll be sure to wallpaper everything and everywhere so all you audio news junkies will know where to go to get your eyes on the cool stuff. More to come on that score, and soon.

Traveler-logo-blackBut rest assured: this new site will cover the living daylights out of the audio shows — and all the other “On The Road” stuff we do — in fine style.

Said another way, we’ll still be offering embarrassingly thorough coverage and do it to a level that serves both you, the reader, and the manufacturers and dealers that have gone through all the effort to bring you something nifty to experience.

Well. I mean, it’ll be vicarious, but given that, we will still be the place to go for the best f***ing show coverage. Ever.

Stay tuned.