What’s New? The Audio Traveler

Untitled-1Say hello to the newest member of the team, The Audio Traveler.

Kirsten, Malachi, John and Panagiotis have all signed up to lend a hand covering that wonderfully perverse world of the traveling audio show. The “official” kickoff will be at Rocky Mountain, in about two weeks, but I’m going to sneak off to the New York Audio Show, all (Han) solo-like, to give that site a slow-roll off the line. Stay tuned for that.

But that’s not all.

You’ll note, I hope, the new digs. For the first time in our history, we’ve “refreshed” ourselves. I can heartily recommend, to all and sundry, that you not wait years between bathing. Just sayin’. The new format here at Part-Time Audiophile addresses a long-standing issue that have had — namely, where’d everything go? There are now “buckets” that get filled depending on topic — there are buckets for headphones, loudspeakers, amplifiers (and preamps!), digital stuff, music and more. Of course, the Archive still lists out the entire corpus, but with luck, more nuggets will now stay at the top of the heap. Hope you like it.

Brian Hunter 2Last, but not least, Part-Time Audiophile and AudioHead, run by PTA contributor Brian Hunter, have formed something of a partnership. No, he didn’t buy us out (the cheap bastard), but we did realize that we’re both damaged in similar ways, and while I tend to let my freak-flag fly a bit more freely, be aware that Hunter is a loon. Just wanted that clear. Anyway, our three sites will be looking for ways to collaborate better moving forward, so expect to see more of his personal audio styling as time progresses.

So, for all our fans — thanks for all the attention. We’re just getting started ….

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