New York 2014: Mytek takes Manhattan


Legacy_at_NY_Audio_Show_2014Mytek Digital‘s long awaited upscale “audiophile” DAC offering, the Manhattan, is now ready for prime time. Shown here is the final case work, and boy-howdy, is it a beauty. $4,995 will net you, yours.

So, what’s in the mix? A lot.

First, there’s support for all the latest formats, up to and including* 384kHz of PCM and quad-rate DSD (DSD256) over  an asynchronous USB2.0 connection (*firmware upgrade may be required, but will be available by the end of the year).

Second, there are 2 attenuators. One analog, one digital — your choice.

Third, there’s a linear power supply. To many, this is the best power feed you can get. And there are separate, fully discrete, power supplies for the digital and the analog sections.

Fourth, there’s the dual headphone jack. Two ¼” TRS jacks, with very low output impedance and variable gain.

Fifth, the clocking is handled by a hyper-accurate Femto clock.

There’s more, too — including Firewire support, a Lightning connection for Apple storage, an upcoming MM/MC phono input and an input compatible with the EMM Labs SACD transport. This thing is amazing.

But none of that takes away from the fact that it’s quite the looker. The chassis is two-level (better RF rejection), and that outer case work is the one with the sculpted, hammered front and laser-cut top.

Do I want one? Oh yeah.




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