New York 2014: Bache and Alexus, SET goes Wide Band


Legacy_at_NY_Audio_Show_2014New-to-me manufacturer Bache Audio was showing off a new wide-band loudspeaker, which I’m pretty sure was the 001AB, an active-crossover model designed for use with SET amplifiers. The 001AB ($9,945/pair) is a powered speaker with a down-firing 8″ woofer powered by a 300 watt Class D amp. The wide-band driver is an 8″ Tang Band; the tweeter is a “Fostex Limited Edition FT-96A-EX2 that takes over at 10000 Hz. No high pass filter is used on the wide range 8” driver instead, it is allowed to roll off naturally.” Frequency response is cited as 22Hz-33kHz, 95dB, and a friendly 8Ω. A fully passive version, the 001PB ($8,945) is also available.

In the rack was equipment from also-new-to-me company Alexus Audio, including a pair of smartly turned out 33SE mono block amps (introductory price of $8,995/pair) built around the Foxbat output tubes. That means Class A for the big, hot 6C33C tubes and 22 watts into 8Ω.

A matching line stage, the Perfect Line ($6,995), a dual-mono design featuring the 6H30Pi tube stage and Perfect Phono stage ($6,995) sat beneath. I didn’t catch the turntable or cartridge.

I wish I had more on this room — the gear was all very well turned out and the sound seemed warm and almost lush. Definitely something I have on my check-out further list.