New Kickstarter: DSP-enabled wireless headphones from XTZ

Now, this is something you don’t see every day. It’s called “Headphone Divine”. A wireless headphone, supporting aptX Bluetooth … with on-board DSP-based correction. No, seriously. DSP.

“Why?”, you ask. Well, turns out that we all seem to like different things. If you’re a “bass head” or a “detail freak”, you’re going to respond well to different headphones. Well, with a DSP-enabling headphone, you don’t have to choose. And you can even change your mind without having to change your cans. The app is available on IOS and, if they hit their stretch goals, on Android as well.

The campaign is already fully funded, so this is a lock. The company, XTZ, has been selling room correction kits for years — I have one of their microphones that I used with Amarra, and it’s excellent.

How the final product turns out is still an open question, but the cost-to-entry is only $99 — pretty low on the scale of risk.

Check out the campaign here.


  1. The dsp is just for adjustment if you are a “bass head”, etc. It also just makes the phones sound better. The dsp is based on measurements made of playback on the phones and the dsp’s first job is correction to acoustic problems caused by the phones themselves as they sit on your head. The dsp correction makes the sound of the phones “perfect” as they sit on your head. On top of that “perfect” sound you can then add bass, or any other equalization you want.

    • Sorry, I meant above that the dsp ISN’T just for “bass heads”, etc., its first job is “correction”

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