RMAF 2014: LH Labs and the Secret Squirrel


Logo - Blue VectorI’m probably not giving too much away by saying that LH Labs was here at RMAF, right? Well, it’s true. They had a great demo in CanJam, featuring their hot desktop headphone amplifiers, the Geek Pulse. This Indiegogo crowd-funded project has been about a year in the making, and apparently, supporters are very close to seeing their units ship. I have to say, I’m psyched. The look and the footprint are awesome, and the sound quality, based on my short time with the headphones, is just excellent.

In other news, I found Gavin Fish and Larry Ho upstairs, fiddling about with a video camera. I’ll not spill the beans as that whole impromptu briefing was a bit secret squirrel, but I’m pretty sure you can figure out what the LH Labs team is up to (at least generally). Suffice it to say that there’s still more to come from the creatives over there.

But I did get to see the Geek Streamer. This guy is going to be a smartphone piggyback, and will bring DSD playback to the iPhone — and a whole lot more. Another successful crowd-funded campaign, Streamer is coming along nicely. I also had a chance to listen, and quite frankly, it sounds way better than your phone does. Trust me. Now, all it needs is some casework ….