RMAF 2014: Audeze shows High-Z


Logo - Blue VectorAudeze has showing off a brand-new headphone concept: the High Z. At 1,200Ω impedance, that’s very high-Z, indeed.

This is a prototype, in case that wasn’t obvious, so there’s nothing on availability or price, though I did hear that the Audeze folks were thinking about OTL tube amps, or current-mode amps like the Bakoon, as potential matches. Makes sense as both of those amp designs tend to thrive with higher impedance cans.

Also interesting was the new carbon-fiber headband. This sits above the leather strap, and since its carbon fiber, it weighs next to nothing and has a remarkable degree of rigidity. The weight of the headphone sits a bit lower on the head, which makes the whole contraption feel more stable and yes, more comfortable. No word on availability for this feature, or whether it’ll trickle out to the rest of the line.

Last but not least was a prototype headphone amplifier that no one seemed to have any information about, either. Mysteries abounded on Friday at CanJam!

I also saw what looked like a High Z (which looks a lot like an LCD-X) in “natural” aluminum (below). I prefer the black, myself, but options are always welcome.





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  1. YES!! I named those cans Scot!! Well – we still have a couple names Alex and the team are tossing around (they may go with this other model name I came up with) – and boy are they fun – though, for the first time, just not an Audeze I NEED! but – for OTL fans – WHOAH

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