RMAF 2014: Resonessence Labs


Logo - Blue VectorResonessence Labs is well-known around these parts, and has been enjoying considerable success in the computer audio market leveraging their extremely well-regarded Invicta DAC. That DAC, based on the ESS9018 chipset, supports all the latest file formats, up to and including double DSD.

The newest addition to the line is called Mirus, and swaps the headphone outputs found in Invicta for double the DAC chipsets and a resulting improvement across the board in all key areas. Both DACs feature an on-board SD-card reader, which could eliminate entirely the need for a troublesome computer “transport”.

Found here at RMAF was the up-coming stereo amplifier, inching ever closer to general release. There’s not a lot being said about this amp, but it looks the monster, and I’m really curious about the innards. More to come, and soon, I’m told.

The Herus+, reported on here by John Darko, was something I entirely overlooked while rummaging about in the room. The new headphone DAC adds some nifty features to an already-nifty platform, including a pair of user-selectable filters, including an apodizing filter and an IIR/”infinite impulse response” filter as found in the Concero line of converters. Details can be found here. Shipping should start by mid-November.

The speakers? I’m told those were “old B&W” loudspeakers. The cables were all from Clarity Cable.